Turn () Degrees
Turn () Degrees Blocks
Category Motion
Type Stack

The Turn () Degrees block is a Motion Block and a Stack Block. The block turns its sprite the specified amount of degrees clockwise or counter-clockwise (depending on which block is used) - this changes the direction the sprite is facing. This block is useful for top-down scrollers, space games, physic simulations, animations - anything that contains rotation.

The block uses the 360 degrees in a circle.

Common UsesEdit

This block is the only way to rotate a sprite, unless you create many costumes and use them instead.

Rotation can be used with:

  • Simple rotation - planets and wheels, for example.

Simple rotation script

  • Animation - a waving hand, for example.

Back-and-forth rotation

  • Sense - a field of moving vision, for example.

Back-and-forth rotation

The above scripts work for their examples, but the numbers and methods can be slightly modified.

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