The TBG forum

The Text-Based Games Forum, often known and referred to as "TBG" for short, is one of two forums on the Scratch website where Scratcher can play text-based games. The forum was opened in late October 2009.

History Edit

The Text-Based Games Forum had started out as part of the Scratch Forums, with the original intent as being a section where Scratchers can become creative through text-based game play. Moderation difficulties led to the closing of the text-based games section in the Scratch Forums and the opening of a completely new forum dedicated to text-based games in October of 2009[1].

The opening of the Text-Based games forum has started off with much initial success, with many users joining. Nikkiperson2 and The-Whiz were selected as the moderators for the newly created forum[2]. Over time, however, many users left, and the forum was slowly becoming inactive. It rose up again in activity, but then nikkiperson2 was becoming inactive. She announced that she was too busy for Scratch and left in January, and resigned her moderator status.

The growth of the Text-Based Games forum led to the need of new TBG moderators. Compounded with the fact that nikkiperson2 had resigned, a second moderator election took place.

The-Whiz announced the new moderator election in February 2010[3][4], giving users a chance to speak their case for being elected as a TBG moderator. A week later, the voting began, with 283 voters participating in the election. Chrischb and Vista4563 were elected, and were appointed as moderators the day after.

The TBG forums shut down in early 2013, the official replacement for them can be found here.

Important threadsEdit

There were many important threads in the forum, each of which playing their part in its history.

As Vista4563's idea, he posted it - but prior to its release, others helped write parts of it. It explains:
    • What to do
    • What not to do
    • The report button and what to use it on
    • What makes a useful post
    • A definition of spam
    • How bans and warnings work
    • A summary of the thread in eight points
  • Suggestions: Created by The-Whiz, this forum led to the birth of featured games, and was a discussion point for the election.[8]It also led to the change of forum signature requirements and began the second election in February 2010.
  • Directory of Games, RPGs, and more: After confusion over multiple theads featuring the same games, Chrischb created this directory to avoid games being posted twice. It also serves as a means of finding buried threads[9].
  • Featured Games: This forum is where games can be recommended to be featured.[10] There has been a discussion on featuring RPGs, but there are far less of them.
  • Reminder about this forum: Due to several arguments, andresmh created a sticky in early March 2010 to remind users that if the arguments grew larger, the forum would have to be closed.[11]

TBG ModeratorsEdit

The current TBG moderators are:

  • The-Whiz: Running in the first election, he won with a tie to nikkiperson2. He has stayed during the TBG's time, creating most of the stickies and being an important figure in the Text-Based Games forum.
  • Chrischb: Winning the second election, he and Vista4563 joined The-Whiz in the moderating team.
  • Vista4563: Also becoming a moderator after the second election, he started "Operation: Cleanup" to help clean up the Text-Based Games forum.

Past ModeratorsEdit

  • nikkiperson2: Tied with The-Whiz in the first election, she enthusiastically begun helping users out, but realized she was getting too busy for Scratch. She has resigned from her moderator duties and is mostly inactive; she appears in the forum every month or so.