The tags bar on a project page.

Tags are labels to help categorize projects shared on the Scratch website. The creator of a project may add tags in the upload dialog box, and both viewers and the creator may add tags to a project on the website.

Upload TagsEdit


The tags section of the upload dialog box.

Shown to the right is the tags section of the upload dialog box. The creator of a project may choose from six pre-made categories, or make their own tags. Tags are helpful to categorize projects on the Scratch website and makes it easier to find. The more tags added, the easier it is for the project to be found.

These tags consist of:

  • Animation
  • Art
  • Game
  • Music
  • Simulation
  • Story

Four other lines appear for custom tags.

Website Tags/Other TagsEdit

Website TagsEdit

Shown to the right is a picture of the tags bar which can be found on a project's page. Here, both the project creator and viewer may add tags. The creator may remove tags and anyone may flag them. Like the upload tags, these also help categorize projects and make them easier to find.

Other TagsEdit

Tags are also used to categorize galleries. When creating a gallery, one may choose from seven categories, but may not create custom tags. Once the gallery is made, more tags cannot be added and cannot be viewed on the gallery's page.