The Stage is a sprite that represents the background of the project. Because this, it has special features that are different from other sprites.

Differences from other SpritesEdit

There are many differences between the Stage and other sprites. These include the following:

  • Not able to move - thus,
    • Has no motion blocks
    • Cannot do any pen functions, other than Clear
    • Has no "touching" blocks in the Sensing category
    • Has no "distance to" block in the Sensing category
  • Cannot talk - thus
    • Has no Say or Think blocks in the Looks category
  • Has backgrounds, not costumes
  • Has no "show" or "hide" blocks in the Looks category
  • Can't change size
  • Can't go back or front layers - it's always in the back.
  • Has to be 480*360 (anything transparent in the costume becomes white)