A Sound is an item that can be played in a Scratch project, available by importing or using from Scratch's sound library. Sounds are played by using the Sound Blocks, which control a sound's volume and so on.

Sounds and notesEdit

All noises played in a project divide into two types:
The Sounds' Tab

Sounds can be managed in the Sounds Tab.


These are the items that are available only be importing or by summoning. These can be visited in the Sounds tab, where imported sounds can be played, imported, and deleted. The following blocks control the playing of these sounds:


These are not the same - they are not imported, being accessed easily from seven blocks. There are as fol
Blocks relating to notes

Notes can be controlled with a variety of blocks.




To obtain these, one has to view the Sounds tab of a sprite/stage and select the Import button. The user will be able to import sounds from their desktop or varying locations, including a sound library that comes with Scratch.


These are available, even when the blocks that control them are not in use. They can be used simply by dragging out the wanted blocks and by activating them. Notes and their blocks cannot be deleted.