Waffle fever

A situation of waffle hoarding

The Sixty-Second Rule is a rule allowing Scratchers to eat the _waffle_ sign if it was posted less then 60 seconds ago. It is currently very popular among the Scratch website.



A user takes his jump for a fresh, new _waffle_ icon

Many Scratchers enter Scratch hungry, tired, and depressed from the long day of not Scratching. The Scratch Team has hoped to combat this by adding in the sixty-second rule, which will help decrease deaths by starvation by 2%.[1]

New ScratchersEdit

Thanks to New Scratchers having the 120-second rule, many Scratchers have created waves of new accounts simply to hoard waffles. One such instance is the new Scratcher WaffleCollector who currently has 600,000,000 waffles. In a previous interview, he stated that he plans never to eat a single one.

The Waffle SongEdit

Do you like waffles?
Yeah, we like waffles!
Do you like pancakes?
Yeah, we like pancakes!
Do you like French toast?
Yeah, we like French toast!


Here's a list of known problems with the sixty-second rule:

  • There is only one flavor
  • People spam comments to get more waffles
  • There are so many waffles that they rot. The whole website stinks of it.[2]
  • Some waffles go out of date very quickly
  • No one knows how waffles are created
  • The ST ran out of syrup, like, 5 years ago
    • However, "Kaj" declares the answer

Just as a flower comes from a seed, or a chicken comes from an egg, everything has an origin. You need to find the being originally responsible for this catastrophe.


Consequences for breaking the ruleEdit

If a user is caught breaking the 60 second rule and eating waffles that were posted more than 60 seconds ago, then the user must reimburse the Scratch Team for the price for the waffle, which is usually around $200 per waffle. There have been complaints that users forget about this rule and end up eating a large amount of waffles and owing amounts as high as 1 million dollars.Template:Citation needed

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