Scripts Area

The Scripts Area is where you can assemble scripts.

The Scripts Area is the area where scripts are assembled. It can be accessed from both the Stage and from sprites.


The Scripts Area menu consists of three options when right-clicked:

  • Clean Up- This feature allows a user to organize poorly placed scripts. Scratch will order them vertically with a slight space inbetween each.
  • Save Picture of Scripts- This feature allows for a user to save a file of their script creations. This option opens the Scratch File Browser, which allows a user to choose where in their system they would like to place the image, which may be shrunken if necessary. It is by default a .GIF file.

    The three options in the Scripts Area.

  • Add Comment- This was created as a replacement for the comment block in Scratch 1.2. It was removed because it confused users; it has no effect on a sprite's scripts. After much protesting of its removal on the Scratch website, this comment feature was introduced in Scratch 1.3. It allows for a user to type notes or helpful comments in a convenient area. The user can attach it to scripts and widen it. Despite all of their help, comments greatly slow a project - they are sometimes avoided or placed detached from their places in their script.

    The default comment.


To code in Scratch, one simply has to drag blocks out from the eight palettes and assemble them in the Scripts Area. If necessary, scroll bars will appear to extend the area downwards or to the right.

Blocks can be removed by dragging into the block palettes, where they disappear. Blocks can also be removed by right-clicking the block and selecting the delete option from the pop-up menu.

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