Scratch Meme Project

The 5 Random Facts About Me project.

Scratch Meme Remixes

The high remix count of a Scratch meme.

A Scratch Meme is a project with a meme-like theme - that is, it is a project with a list of questions. The Scratch meme is answered by other scratchers via remixing. While the true definition of an Internet meme is a list of questions, the idea of what is a Scratch meme can also extend to projects that asks Scratchers for a list of personal favorites, dislikes, facts, etc.. Some memes will ask for the Scratcher to tag other people to do the meme, although this is not necessarily the case for all meme projects as some Scratchers will remix a meme willingly on their own accord.

Scratch memes usually come in a variety of forms, asking Scratchers for their answers of varying and wide arrays of topics. One of the most well-known Scratch Memes is MaskedStar's 5 Random Facts About Me!, which calls for a Scratcher to list five random facts about himself or herself, and then tag five people afterwards.

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