Projects from the Scratch Design Studio

The Scratch Design Studio section on the Front Page.

A Scratch Design Studio is a themed gallery that is changed every few weeks.

These themes can range from holiday celebrations to underwater scenes, sports, and much more.

How it worksEdit

Scratchers can share projects and submit them in comments, where Scratch Team members will add the projects to the gallery. The Scratch Homepage will randomly select three projects from the gallery and display them in the row that is titled Projects from the Scratch Design Studio. Those selected projects stay up for approximately half an hour, before a new group is chosen.

Past ThemesEdit

There is currently a total of thirty-five themes.

They are as follows, from most recent to least recent:

  1. oOo Graffiti oOo
  2. 1,000,000 Projects!
  3. Patterns
  4. -oOo-Under the Sea-oOo-
  5. Sing Song
  6. Sports Time
  7. Minifig Madness
  8. Lists, lists, lists
  9. Happy Halloween!
  10. Shadows
  11. Help me!
  12. Front Page Design
  13. 500000
  14. Blooming Flowers
  15. Ask me
  16. Deep Space
  17. Phone Call
  18. Scavenger Hunt
  19. It's Alive!
  20. Make some noise
  21. Thank you
  22. Rectangles
  23. Plans for 2009
  24. Add a page
  25. Our Planet
  26. Travel
  27. Try Scratch!
  28. Bizarro World
  29. Seeing Words
  30. Random Numbers
  31. Mystery Games
  32. Haiku
  33. The Future of Scratch
  34. 8 Blocks
  35. Remix-a-thon

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