Scratch Cat is the official mascot of Scratch. He appears on many things relating to Scratch, such as when the site is down and the default sprite of projects.


Scratch Cat is an orange anthropomorphic cat, with white spots on his muzzle, belly and tail. He has black circle eyes, a brown nose, whiskers and two pointy ears. His mouth is a simple D shape. Scratch Cat has two poses.


  • The Scratch Cat is nonbinary, meaning it has no gender.
  • The Scratch Cat also has No Voice Actor. That Scratch has no series that based on Scratch Programming Language and has no crush on someone.
  • The Scratch Cat was only used shortly before Scratch's release.
  • The Scratch Cat has no friend. Only in "The Wattersons: Let's Go To The Movies" has friend Billy Timbers, which Billy Timbers is a fake character. Because Negaduck (Jim Cummings) disguised as Billy Timbers (Ben Giroux) and Slade (Will Arnett) disguised as Scratch Cat (Robbie Daymond) were appeared when Scratch: The Series is just a fake show that it didn't premired on May 7 or 12, 2018 on Disney XD and Teletoon.
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