"يا مرحبا هناك، أنا scratchU8 استخدمها لصنع الرسوم المتحركة، والألعاب في بعض الأحيان، وأحيانا لا، الرسوم المتحركة، ولا مباريات .. ☃☃الصورة الرمزية التي كتبها RoyalToHisLoyal" - في scratchU8 معلومات عني القسم.ظ

scratchU8 is a famous scratcher who made 800 projects. He was on scratch for 6 years 11 months, before leaving on August 30th 2016. he has 10000 followers, being the fourth to do so.

When his hacked project was deleted, he was unhacked. His what im working on said Currently, nothing.


According to scratchU8's Draw my Life project, scratchU8 learned about Scratch when his mother showed him a newspaper about the basic programming of Scratch.

One of scratchU8's first projects on the 29th August 2009 was a game about his character Mr. Man Guy, and called by that very name. A sequel was made the next day with multiplayer. After that, scratchU8 started uploading projects almost daily, most being games and animations. As time progressed, scratchU8 got popular and his skills in project making noticeably increased. His mascot character, scratchU8 was made during this process on the 19th October 2009.

Sadly, scratchU8 Left, 30 August 2016.

Noticeable ProjectsEdit

scratchU8 has made multiple projects that have been heavily worked on and are considered some of his best projects. Others are a big part of his history.

The Adventures of Mr. Man Guy 3Edit

The Adventures of Mr. Man Guy 3 is a revival upon the original Mr. Man Guy projects and the revamped version. Rose is captured again and you, Mr. Man Guy, must save her. The gameplay and controls are completely different to the originals, as Mr. Man Guy can now wall jump and has fluent and more responsive controls. There is now an overworld map and each level is different in their own way.

Draw my Life: scratchU8 (me)Edit

scratchU8 made a Draw my Life, a form of Youtube video of people addressing their life so far, about his personal life, yet not disclosing any specific names or locations.

Backstory (Final Project)Edit

The Backstory series is a four project line-up about scratchU8's (the character) backstory. The backstory is of scratchU8 being bullied within the real world, and his only escape is his dreams, where he has a perfect life. However, because of his constant dreaming, he is put into a coma, which really upsets his family. Within his life in his dream, he discovers a notebook where his mother is talking to him. This obviously puts scratchU8 in tears, and wants to go back, hating himself for getting stuck in his dreams, he then jumps off a cliff, and he exits a bedroom, then the story ends, that is his final project, seen here:

The true final backstory project is at

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