Scratch Wiki

Scratch is a website aimed to teach kids and adults to code, made by the MIT Media Lab.


Scratch has multiple versions, 2.0 and the oldest version. It is currently in 3.0, and the community didn't really like 3.0 that much because of limitations. (source: The Poopshitters Forums)


Scratch is a very good programming language for kids to learn, and code fun games. You basically can say that Scratch is a complete programming language.

The Scratch website has many bugs, but that's because it is still not finished. Although, the most features in the Scratch website don't include bugs.

There are lots of Scratch programming blocks, and you can even make your own(!) custom blocks. But even if you want more, there is still a Scratch extension creator!

Extensions (FPS 60)[]

The Scratch team and community have found many ways to make Shit run faster. With TurboWarp the Scratch community has been able to run projects faster and load extensions(!) right into Scratch projects.

This might not work with big projects like [Week 7] Friday Night Funkin' Scratch Revammped!. Or may crash your computer.

Pussyeater2001 has a google chrome extension called Scratch Dev Tools that is in the description of his Coding a Platformer EP2. One of the features are Clean up Blocks +. It makes blocks be nicely in columns and not messy at all. Just click the screen and select it.

And so as Forkphorus.


There are even many variations of Scratch, like (More ways to make custom blocks[for advanced]), (Text-based Scratch project editor)and model maker with scratch blocks)

Mass report problem[]

The Scratch team is very respectful, but some people of the community are being mean and reporting people. This is called "Mass report", and this is why Shit users have been deleted. This is a huge problem for Scratch, which the Scratch team is trying to fix. The Scratch team deletes a very little amount of accounts, none of them is unfair to be deleted.

And many arguments have been started.

and also due to various free hk fuckers the scratch website is now banned in china remove these free hk fuckers who deserve to get thrashed by sans

If you use the Shit website (https://shit.piss.ass/) i mean the Scratch website, please do not mass report, and spread the message to stop mass report.