A remix is a modified and shared version of an uploaded project. Remixes are always under the CC:BY-SA License.
Remix notice 2.0

The remix message that appears below a project.

How to remixEdit

One of the goals when creating Scratch was to make it easy for users to download and remix others' projects. Because of its simplicity, many users find it fun and interesting.

To remix, one must do the following:

  1. The wanted project is downloaded.
  2. Required changes are made.
  3. The project is shared.

Once shared, the project will display a little notice reading "Based on [name]'s project", with a link to the original.

Remix ChainsEdit

Because of the fun in remixing, many users have created projects in which one remixes by adding their own character to the project. Those frequently dominate the Top Remixed category of the Front Page, along with coloring contests.

Coloring ContestsEdit

Some users have uploaded templates, in which users participate by remixing the project and coloring in the pictures included as part of a contest. These also are frequently on Top Remixed, but less often.

What the Community is Remixing (Top Remixed)Edit

On the front page, there is a section called "What the Community is Remixing" (previously named "Top Remixed"). In other words, it is a section that shows the three most remixed projects in the last few days. Most commonly appearing in this section are drawing contests and remix chains, but the large number of drawing contest and remix chains overflooding this section has caused many Scratchers to think that the section is not diverse enough to reflect the variety of remix projects on Scratch. While some Scratchers have supported removal of this particular section, this conflicted with the fact that one of the main ideas of the Scratch website is remixing. Upon reflection of the issue, andresmh said that he supports remixing and that section of the front page will not be removed - rather, he enourages Scratchers to find a way to bring more diversity to the section.[1]