Project Statistics

Project statistics show how many views, taggers, love-its, downloads and gallery additions that the project has received, along with who shared the project.

Project statistics are numbers below a project's online display that show how many views, love-its, downloads, and so on that the project has received. The user who shared the project is also shown.


The items shown and counted are the following:

  • The uploader
  • Views
  • Love-its
  • Taggers
  • Downloads
  • Galleries that the project has been added to

If the viewer of the statistics is the sharer of the project, the user can also view:

  • Who placed a love-it on it
  • Who added tags to it
  • What galleries contain the project
  • Who added the project to their favorites list


The statistics can raised by any user, although most of them require being logged in to do so. Below the numbers are three buttons, which allow the viewer to show that they love the project, add it to their favorites list, and add it to a gallery, if they:

  • Have created a gallery
  • Have bookmarked a gallery that they are allowed to add projects to
  • Have been added to the list of people who can add to a friend's gallery

Downloading of the project can be done by clicking a button on the top-right of the page.