Go to X: () Y: ()
Go to X- () Y- ()
Category Motion
Type Stack

The Go To X: () Y: () block is a Motion Block and a Stack Block. The block sets its sprite's X and Y position to the specified amounts. This block is related to the Set X to () and the Set Y to () blocks - it is the same as the two blocks combined.

This block has no animation in its movement - it is the simplest way to move a sprite around the screen without displaying any animation (ie. gliding). Therefore, this block is used whenever a sprite needs to jump to another spot.

Behind the scenesEdit

This block can be replicated with the following code:

How to get around the Go to X- () Y- () block

Common UsesEdit

As one of the simplest blocks available, this will simply do what it dictates - change the sprite's X and Y position.

It can be used for:

  • Moving a sprite

Go to X- () Y- ()

  • Resetting the sprite's position at the beginning of a project or stage

Coordinate preparation

  • Moving to a given variable value coordinate

X and Y variable input setting

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