Go to Front
Go to front
Category Looks
Type Stack

The Go To Front block is a Looks Block and a Stack Block. This block makes its sprite go to the front, over other sprites - in other words, it changes its layer value so it is at the front.

Common UsesEdit

As this block has to do with layers, it is widely used in animating. It is also used in 3D simulations. One other popular use is for opening animations and loading screens. In 1 Sprite 1 Script games, sometimes, the game is made through pen, so it must load. Users create a loading screen and use the "go to front" block so that it goes to the very front, in front of the game that is loading.

Specifically, it can be used to do the following:

  • Simply moving a sprite to the front layer
  • Covering other sprites
    • With a sprite large enough, covering the entire screen
  • Setting a project up to start

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