Glide () Secs To X: () Y: ()
Glide () Secs to X- () Y- ()
Category Motion
Type Stack

The Glide () Secs to X: () Y: () block is a Motion Block and a Stack Block. The block glides its sprite to the specified X and Y position in the specified amount of seconds - this is like pointing the sprite in a direction and repeatedly using Move () Steps, but with more precision. A disadvantage of the glide block, however, is that it pauses the script while the sprite is moving, preventing the script from doing other things while the sprite is gliding.

Common UsesEdit

The block is used whenever a sprite needs to glide - some common uses are:

  • Fish moving in a tank
  • Debris from an exploding spaceship flying away
  • Animations with vehicles
  • Falling objects
  • A sprite moving to another

Gliding with Ease Out EffectEdit

The Glide block uses a purely linear tweening method, meaning that the sprite's motion does not ease in or out. However, it is fairly easy to replicate the "ease out" effect that is heavily used in graphic design, where the object slows down as it approaches its target.

Glide ease out

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