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The Scratch Homepage.

The Front Page is a common term that refers to the Scratch Homepage, where many projects are shown in varied sections - from projects selected by curators to projects that have recently received many views.they are also project not noticed much or can make effect on scratchers


The Front Page consists of eight slots.

  1. Newest Projects: This section is updated every five minutes. The three most recent projects are displayed until the next session arrives. It was once removed due to the fact that inappropriate projects could be shown[1]. However, it was restored shortly after, but made only visible to Scratch users (most likely for the same reason as to why it was removed in the first place) - visitors to the website are greeted with a large banner with an embedded short video about Scratch programming (rather outdated, however).
  2. Featured Projects: Projects of any type can result in this category. Whenever the Scratch Team greatly likes a project, they feature it here. Projects can be recommended to be featured in this forum thread.
  3. My Friends' Latest Projects: Introduced in early July 2009, this section displays the three most recent projects from your friends (if you have any).
  4. Projects selected by [curator name]: Also introduced in early July 2009, curators can feature projects for a shift of two weeks, via the curator's favorites.
  5. Projects from the Scratch Design Studio: Approximately every month, the Scratch Design Studio will create a new themed gallery. Projects in the gallery get randomly chosen to be displayed on the front page, but usually for only a few hours at a time.
  6. What the Community is Remixing: Originally titled "Top Remixed", this section will display the three most recently remixed projects. Once a project is over two weeks of age, it is unfit for displaying, as with the below two sections.
  7. What the Community is Loving: Previously named "Top Loved", this category shows the three most recently loved projects. As with the above and below categories, projects of two weeks old or more cannot be displayed.
  8. What the Community is Viewing: First titled "Top Viewed", this section displays the three most recently viewed projects. Projects in this section cannot be more than 4 days old.

Removed categoriesEdit

These sections were removed during the renovation in early July.

  • Surprise Projects: Three random projects are chosen daily. However, it was removed due to the fact that an inappropriate project could be shown.
  • Top Downloaded: It is unknown why this was removed, but some suspect it was the result of many users discovering they could download their own projects as many times as they liked. There have been multiple campaigns to return it, as it generally displayed projects of complexity that interested many users. You can always still see how many downloads your project has on its page.



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