Greenflash as curator

The Curator row on the front page

Curators are scratchers who, for a shift of two weeks, feature three projects of their choice on the Front Page via their recent Favorites. They can choose whatever projects they like in those two weeks and change them, as long as the projects are not their own and do not belong the Scratch Team. The Scratch Team suggests that curators change their choice of projects on the front page at least twice a week, although the curator has the option to change the projects on the front page as many times as he or she wishes.[1]


Curators were introduced on May 5, 2009[2]. A thread in the Announcements forum declared the soon to be row in the front page. It asked users to apply, and many did. More and more users have applied, making the thread one of the most popular in the Scratch Forums - yet only twenty-seven have currently been chosen.

On June 1, 2009, the curator channel slot was finally implemented, with cheddargirl as the first curator. The original title of the curator channel was "Projects Curated by [user]", with [user] being a link to the current curator's user page. This, however, was changed within the first few days after it was discovered that many Scratchers confused the word "curator" with "creator" and were ignoring the projects faved by the curator.[3][4] Because the design of the channel title was drawing attention away from the projects selected by the curator, the title was renamed to "Projects Selected by [user]" and the link to the curator's user page was removed. The current title of the channel is supplemented with a "Learn more" link, which leads to an information page on the Scratch Website explaining the role and position of a Scratch curator along with a list of past curators.

It is unknown if a curator can ever return to their post after their two weeks; but it is likely that the post can only be held once. However, a person has the opportunity to apply for the curator position more than once over a period of time.[5]

List of CuratorsEdit

Currently there have been forty curators. They are as follows:

  1. cheddargirl
  2. Toasty
  3. jasb
  4. keroro645
  5. Lanie
  6. coolstuff
  7. forest
  8. coka
  9. JSO
  10. petvet300
  11. fullmoon
  12. Penguinsrock
  13. The-Whiz
  14. andresmh
  15. SabGames
  16. ElPapa
  17. sparks
  18. MyRedNeptune
  19. TreacLE_24
  20. illusionist
  21. coolperson
  22. scmb1
  23. greenflash
  24. Chrischb
  25. xXMikeyPXx
  26. LS97
  27. cupcakebaker126
  28. Survivorduck
  29. demosthenes
  30. KalinaStar
  31. recycle49
  32. leebee
  33. kayybee
  34. mudpie446
  35. gawooga
  36. tweety992
  37. gettysburg11
  38. rufflebee
  39. Lucario621
  40. emilypie


The fourteenth curator, andresmh, was only temporarily chosen as a curator when nobody else could be found - this only lasted one day.


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