A costume is one out of possibly many frames of a sprite, in which it can transfer itself into any of the pictures (costumes). They can be named, edited, deleted, and created, but every sprite must have at least one costume.


While sprites contain costumes, the Stage contains backgrounds. They can be used in the same way, while mistaking a background block (only accessible from the Stage, but can be dragged into a sprite) for a costume block can cause a red border (an error notice) to appear around the active script.


There are four blocks that relate to it, which are as follows:

The first three blocks can be located in the Looks block section, while the fourth can be found in the Sensing block area.


  • The first block is used for the sprite to transfer its look between any of its costumes. The drop-down box shows all of the sprite's costumes, with more than one page if the count exceeds 33.
  • The second block is mainly used in animation. A block that does the opposite has been suggested, but it can simply be done with the following code:

Previous costume

  • The third block contains the number of the current costume being used. It can be read through other blocks, and specific actions can be taken.
  • The fourth block contains two drop-down boxes. The first allows you to read a sprite's X Position, Y Position, direction, costume number, size, and volume; while it can also read the Stage's background number and volume.

This block can be read from the Stage and all sprites.

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