The Change/Set ( v) Effect By/To () Block is a block that changes/sets the color effect to/by the number in the box. The default for the blocks are "change (color) effect by (25)" and "set (color) effect to (0)". They are the 11th and 12th blocks in the "looks" section, and the 29th and 30th blocks in the block section all together.

Set ( v) Effect To () Edit

The "set ( v) effect to ()" block is a block that sets color, fisheye, whirl, pixelate, mosaic, brightness, and ghost effects to the number in the text insert box.

Color Effect Edit

The color effect sets the color effect to the number in the box.

Using It Edit

Say you have a red sprite. 0 turns the color to red, 25 to orange, 50 to yellow-green, 75 to green, 100 to blue, 150 to purple, and 175 to pink.

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