The shape of a Cap block

The shape of a Cap block.

A Cap block is a block that is designed to stop its script. There are three Cap blocks - Stop Script, Stop All, and Delete This Clone - and they can be found in the Control category.


As Cap blocks are designed to stop a script, their bottom is smooth; that way no blocks can be placed under them. Other than that, their shape is identical to the Stack block - they still have the notch on the top, so you can place the block below others.


The need to stop a script (or all scripts) can be found in several occasions. Some include:

  • Disabling a script that will continuously set a variable
  • Once the game is completed, all scripts must stop
  • 'Killing' a sprite

An example follows:

An example script for the -stop script- block

Note how the Cap block (Stop Script) is used - if the selected letter is "z", the script stops.