Broadcast ()
The -broadcast - -- block
Category Control
Type Stack

The Broadcast () block is a Control Block and a Stack Block. It is used to activate other scripts during a project without needing a user prompt (ie. a key press or mouse click). Once initiated, this block will send a broadcast through the entire project, activating all scripts available to receive its broadcast.

Related BlocksEdit

There are two blocks that also relate to broadcasts.

An example of a Scratch 2.0 block.

They are:

The first block listed is very similar to the Broadcast () block. The difference between them is that the Broadcast () block will simply make the broadcast and continue with its script, while the other will wait until all receiving scripts have ended before continuing.

Common usesEdit

  • Activating a script midway through a program.

Example broadcasting script

  • Running two scripts simultaneously.

Example script differences

  • Sending commands to certain sprites.

Example broadcast

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