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amor test fnf is a scratch friday night funkin' test project with 2 remixes and is in one studio. It is very unique compared to the creators other test games. The first remix is a swapped keybind project called amor and bf test fnf but a lil bit fixed. The other remix how ever, has nothing new.


Once you press the green flag, there will be a transition screen to Amor and Boyfriend with the split background and Split will start playing. Press the arrow keys to make poses, the ASWD at the top glows every time you press an arrow key. To control BF, you use ASWD. Yes, i know it's confusing. The strikeline will not glow, but does funny rapping.


  • The creator was planning to make boyfriends strikeline glow, but did not.
    • They were also planning to make a keybind that switches to EX.


Main project[]

Remix 1[]

Remix 2[]